Piloni Sergio

Precision machines in Lecco


Our machine tool fleet

We use high precision instruments that allow us to create perfect products in all their parts. In particular, we use boring machines with 2 independent spindles which are useful for making openings on metal parts. We have vertical spindles drilling from 400 to 1000 millimetres in diameter, three lathes from 1,600 to 2,000 millimetres in diameter, three vertical lathes with self-centring to 2,000 millimetres in diameter and one 3,600 millimetres in diameter.
We also have 2 drilling machines with a diameter of 3,000 millimetres, two drilling machines with a diameter of 2,000 millimetres and a small drilling machine from 200 to 500 millimetres in diameter. We also offer a mechanical machining service using a 5-axis milling machine.


CAM CAD and computerized systems

We use CNC machining centres and lathes. All our precision machines in Lecco are equipped with CAD and CAD CAM software for maximum precision and reliability. Computer-assisted tools enable us to work accurately, allowing easy use of manufactured products. This guarantees the maximum reliability of the pieces that will adapt perfectly to the use for which they are intended. Our innovative solutions are transferred to projects without wasting time and resources. The tools used are designed to offer you the best possible solutions. The production processes adopted in the company are aimed at the continuous improvement of our offer.

Technological investments

Thanks to the numerous capital investments we have set up our precision machine fleet.

All the sophisticated instruments we possess allow us to satisfy ever-increasing needs with precision interventions in all types of daily production.

We have invested in advanced technology to guarantee immediate benefits and precision which were unimaginable until a few years ago. All production processes are monitored in real time to achieve concrete results.