Piloni Sergio

Precision mechanical constructions in Lecco

Precision mechanical parts
Our company operates in the petrochemical sector and realizes precision mechanical constructions in Lecco with high technological content. We guarantee high production standards thanks to our expertise and the latest generation of computer equipment. We are able to respond promptly to all requests from our customers. We guarantee the best technical solution in terms of cost and quality, respecting, at the same time, delivery times. We are organized in order to return the finished product each customer ready for use.
What we do
The machinery we use allow us to achieve precise and complex artefacts. We take care of making flanges, caps, fittings, small productions, single pieces, metallic carpentry.
We perform heat and surface treatments on each piece to preserve them from wear over time. Our success is the ability to confront the competition. This urges us to grow and to have a broader and more accurate view on the client company’s needs.
Our complex production processes create added value and improve the performance of our customers' industrial processes.

Accuracy in everything we do
We have modern and sophisticated computerized machinery to satisfy a great variety of requests. Our current customers use our professionalism and are very satisfied with our work. Our expertise mixed with technology allows us to work without any margin of error. The manufactured products adapt perfectly to the needs of your production, amplifying the performances in each phase. We work continuously with the client companies, happy to count you among our customers to collaborate in a stable way.