Piloni Sergio

Computerized machinery

Our company operates in sectors with a high technological content, thanks to, above all, sophisticated milling, drilling and mechanical turning operations carried out using state-of-the-art equipment.
Modern and sophisticated computerized machines can satisfy a great variety of requests from our customers. Our knowledge multiplies the possibilities of generating new ideas and new products, transforming them into competitive advantage. The technological expertise combined with the experience of our staff increase in the quality and speed of our production processes.
Since 2016, Piloni Sergio has been offering a mechanical machining service through a 5-axis milling machine.


Piloni Sergio



Our history

Our company was fund in 1972 in Lecco thanks to the intuition and passion of Piloni Sergio with the support of his wife Natalina over the years. Today the company is now in its second generation of entrepreneurs thanks to Massimo and Daniel, children of the pioneer.
Our staff of about twenty people includes the Piloni family and specialized workers. We at the Piloni workshop are able to make precise and ready-to-use products. We work only on commission and we mainly address to the petrochemical industry. We specialize in the production of flanges, caps and mechanical fittings. We are a company with a certified quality system by DNV according to ISO 9001: 2015.


Customer satisfaction is our success

At Piloni Sergio, we know that the targeted market mainly rewards companies that offer innovative services. We work in an integrated manner without ever forgetting the objectives of the client companies. This complex and highly competitive context urges us to work in a precise, continuous and not extemporaneous manner. We have become a reliable partner with which interlocutor companies collaborate on a stable basis. Our customers are fully satisfied with our processing methods as we always aim at the quality of the products. Even our deliveries meet the set deadlines.