Piloni Sergio

Piloni Sergio Mechanical Workshop in Lecco

Officina meccanica di precisione Lecco
Tornitura foratura e fresatura Piloni Sergio

Turning milling and drilling
Our precision mechanical workshop in Lecco deals with manufacturing high precision products. We offer a mechanical machining service for roughing and finishing on forged products on drawings provided by the customer. We specialize in the mechanical turning, milling and drilling of forged products and in the verification of the dimensions of the finished components, performed with calibrated instruments. We are able to process all types of metallic materials, including carbon steels, stainless steels, titanium superalloys, nickel and titanium alloys. We produce mainly flanges, caps, metal fittings and we turn to the petrochemical industry.


Our targeted customer
We work on commission with important companies that require our high-precision metal products. We are the ideal partner for all companies that need mechanical constructions for industrial use. Our current customers are fully satisfied with the production we perform making use of the latest technology. Computerized systems and experience of our staff are the winning combination that allow us to interact continuously with these important industries. Should you wish to become one of our customer, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to starting new collaborations.
Manufatti metallici Lecco
Flange tappi e raccordi

Flanges, caps and fittings
We manufacture special products ensuring the highest operating standards. We work paying particular attention and care in every performed operation. Our goal is to satisfy all your requests. You can commission a metal object by submitting a project and we will be able to produce it always respecting the delivery times. Our role is strategic because in addition to products, we provide practical solutions that guarantee high performance to our customers.